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Back on the horse!

Speaking of which, Archons surprised me because I had forgotten how many of them exhibited theriocephaly. I mean, I knew Hound archons had dog heads, but Wardens have grizzly heads and Tome Archons have hawk heads. Wasn't that the Guardinals' schtick, too? Why do so many of the forces of good go all animally? I don't know. I don't know.


* The PCs, neophyte adventurers, are approached by a very enthusiastic Lantern Archon who isn't very good at its job of guiding people, yet.
* The PCs, neophyte adventurers, are approached by a Lantern Archon who is decent at its job, except that it only speaks in metaphors and parables, more than a little confusingly, and doesn't relent even if the PCs misinterpretations of its 'advice' is getting them into trouble.
* The PCs hear rumors that a suspicious number of neophyte adventurers are having troubles with Lantern Archons on the slopes of Mount Celestia. Investigation eventually turns out there's a Baatezu with a magical device that allows it to "fake" the telepathic orders from Hound Archons that Lantern Archons occasionally receive, giving them plausible if unhelpful orders like "Honor untested is merely innocence" or "Help them cultivate strength by leading them into a situation where they must struggle against adversity!"


* Hound archons feed on anything, but they prefer to subsist on gifts of food offered to them by visitors. The PCs don't know this, and unrealizingly snub a Hound Archon: soon enough, all the other archons are giving them a cold shoulder, and they need to figure out where they offended and make reparations.
* The villagers have heard tales of a werewolf at large in the countryside, and are organizing a mob with torches and pitchforks (with bits of silverware tied to the prongs, presumably). It is, of course, a fallen Hound Archon, without access to its spell-like abilities, which would very much like to seek redemption but suspects that fighting a bunch of mislead and well-meaning farmers isn't the way.
* A Hound Archon offers to escort the PCs to where they're going in Mount Celestia, but keeps a very watchful eye on the PCs. This might rankle some of them, which makes the Hound even more suspcious.

* "Warden archons are never surprised - at least, on Mount Celestia. Since they've never been encountered beyond that plane's borders, it's still dark as to whether they can be surprised elsewhere." A wealthy sage will pay dearly for an the adventuring party that can abduct a Warden archon, take it beyond the plane's borders, and see if it can be surprised or not. Without hurting it, of course, the sage isn't Evil or anything.
* Wardens protect the portals between Mt Celestia's layers, including preventing Lanterns from traveling upwards except on official business. One Lantern would very much like to see an old friend who has progressed higher along the mountain's slopes, and implores the PCs if they might help it skirt the Wardens just this once.
* Wardens can cast any divination spell of 4th level or lower. The PCs are in need of a very obscure divination spell for some reason. The trick is, of course, that Wardens, like all Archons, aren't interested in gold or magic items, so the PCs will have to convince a Warden that it's actually in the interests of the greatest good to help them out.
Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

* Wardens protect the portals between Mt Celestia's layers including preventing Lanterns from travel